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Renewable Flat Roof Solutions: Solar Panels

With the cost of solar panels lower now than decades before, now is the time for property managers and business owners to start thinking of sustainable and eco-friendly roofing solutions.

Google has recently unveiled Project Sunroof,  a tool that estimates the productivity of a solar roof based on weather data, satellite imagery and shade calculations. The project features a “Savings Estimator” and a “Project Overview” to help buyers understand the process. Currently, it is only available to parts of the United States. Canadians and the rest of the world will have to wait a bit longer to utilize the tool.


The bright side is that SUNMetrix is a Canadian based company with a similar goal and offers Canadian addresses to receive estimates on potential solar savings.

New installations and properties in the market for a flat roof replacement should heavily invest in the though of solar panels and the benefits of solar energy. Coupled with a long-term flat roofing solution, a high quality flat roof with solar installation can last up to 30 years and equate into thousands of dollars in savings.


Durable & Long-Lasting Flat Roofing Solutions

warehouse-flat-roof-leakA warehouse is a key component of any supply chain, acting like a heart in which company assets flow, serving as the main point between manufacturer and client. In this sense, you want to keep the warehouse operating smoothly and efficiently without being slowed down or clogged up.

To support businesses in this undertaking, Roof offers durable and long-lasting flat roof systems for commercial and industrial facilities. Just like a warehouse, a flat roof must be maintained and kept in an orderly condition to function efficiently. If poorly maintained, damage inevitably occurs and flat roof leaks spring. Not only are flat roof leaks a headache to deal with, but they have been known to have significant impact on a business.

Your Final Flat Roofing Solution

Roof keeps company assets safe and secure, minimizing and eliminating the risk of damage to the interior and inventory. Have your flat roof inspected for any signs of damage and eliminate the risk of flat roof failure.

We will advise you, free of charge, on your flat roofing needs and provide you with detailed written estimates and accurate pricing for all Toronto flat roof replacement, repairroof recovery services. Call us today at 416-238-6668.


commercial roof management

Will A New Roofing System Add Value To A Commercial Property?

With any commercial or industrial roofing investment it is critical that property managers and business owners across the Greater Toronto Area are able to receive both a return of investment and long-term benefits on their spending. There are distinct advantaged in replacing an old flat roofing system with a modern system. Newly installed flat roofing systems, if installed correctly will be more dependable and require less maintenance i the long-term and depending on the style of flat roof you choose, whether it be PVC or Modified Bitumen, you may benefit from increased energy savings and efficiency.

By working with us, an experienced commercial roofing contractor, we will be able to strategize and form a long-term relationship with you from the beginning of the new install the the end of the flat roof’s service life. This allows for a historic knowledge of the flat roofing system and easy maintenance. With this planning you can avoid the headaches and stresses when it comes to roof management and flat roof leaks.

As soon as the new commercial roof is installed, your building is worth substantially more than it was under the old, deteriorating roof. The building will be more secure, more weathertight, and more attractive.

But exactly how much can you get in return from a new flat roofing system?

There is no question that a flat roof replacement is expensive. Seeing the total price for a professionally completed replacement can cause eyebrows to raise and hearts to skip beats. However, when property managers grasp a true understanding of where the money on a new flat roofing system is being spent, they will see saved dollars in the long-term and how a flat roof replacement is a true investment.

For those considering on selling a commercial property,  installing a brand new flat roofing system could be very profitable. If the sale of your commercial or industrial property is a step you are looking to take, you should take into consideration what prospective buyers expect from a flat roofing system and building efficiency. Low maintenance costs, durability and a long life cycle flat roof is ideal.

By replacing a flat roof with a durable and reliable flat roofing membrane, you not only reduce future spending on flat roof repairs, but you also eliminate costs associated with the damage a leaking roof can cause. With green roof bylaws that require energy saving redentials, you could end up saving thousands of dollars more than the costs required to achieve it.

Recieve a Free Estimate!

At Roof we provide you with free consultation and detailed written estimates suited for your flat roof replacement projects.

If you have any questions about commercial flat roofing, contact today for friendly, expert advice.


Why Canadians are Choosing Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

Overall, better long-term performance and life-cycle can be expected from properly formulated, installed and maintained modified bitumen flat roofing systems.

Easy Maintenance
Easy inspection allows damaged areas to be readily identified. Repairs may be performed with a hand torch and round-nosed trowel.

Protection from the Elements
Used as recommended, modified bitumen systems provide superior protection against water leakage and extreme weather conditions.

Quality Assurance
Stringent quality control testing ensures high elasticity, tensile strength, optimal granule adhesion, high thermal shock resistance, low temperature flexibility, high fatigue endurance, exceptional resistance to aging and weathering and excellent puncture resistance.

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Commercial Roofing Tips for Property Owners – Part Two

Choosing the Right Flat Roofing Contractor

At times when your flat roof is leaking or on the verge of falling apart, stay calm and be patient. You want to find a trusted and qualified commercial roofer to perform the repairs or replacement. It is always better to get the job done right the first time.


  • We have been in the commercial and industrial roofing industry since 1999 and have accumulated over 15 years of flat roofing experience
  • We specialize in the installation, repair and replacement of multiple flat roof types (BUR, TPO, PVC, EPDM, Modified Bitumen)
  • We have serviced thousands of roofs all across the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Our flat roof technicians are fully trained and certified to service your flat roof.


  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We use only the best materials for our projects that offer warranties that last up to a lifetime.
  • We stand behind our workmanship with a 7 to 10 year leak-free warranty
  • We offer 24 Hour Emergency Flat Roofing Services
  • We are a leader and innovator in the Toronto roofing industry, being the first to combine thermal imaging and flat roofing to locate and eliminate flat roof leaks and moisture problems


  • We offer simple and affordable flat roofing solutions.
  • We help our clients achieve lasting value through quality flat roofing

Your roof is one of the most important investments and elements of a building, so finding a specialist is essential. Call 416-999-7663 to schedule an appointment with a flat roof specialist and to discuss your needs.


Commercial Roofing Tips for Property Owners – Part One

For all commercial property owners, replacing a flat roof will become a reality sooner or later. Today, storms are increasingly wreaking havoc on flat roofs and many commercial and industrial property owners are often setting aside the idea of a flat roof replacement until it is too late. Avoid letting this occurrence become a reality for you and the people under the roof.

It is always best to seek advice from a professional prior to taking any action. A thorough flat roof inspection must always be completed in order to accurately assess the damage. This allows a contractor to gauge the amount of work and material needed for the specific job and provide flat roofing solutions your budget. Ultimately, your flat roofing budget is what determines the options that will be available to you. Short term solutions to repair any flat roof leaks allow commercial property owners to start setting aside funds for when a full replacement is truly needed. Take the time to assess how much you want to invest in your flat roof now, in order to save later.

Choosing the Right Flat Roofing System

As a commercial property owner, it is essential that you know the basics of commercial roofing systems before you make the right decisions.

Depending on the location of the building and region it resides in, there are optimal flat roofing systems that provide advantages in cost-effectiveness and efficiency. For example, cool roofing systems such as PVC and TPO, perform better and provide a better return of investment in energy savings in warm weather regions. Modified Bitumen roofing systems provide better resilience in colder weather (sleet, hail, snow, high winds, etc.) and can handle high and low temperature extremes.

When selecting a roofing system, be wary that installing an inexpensive, low quality flat roofing system will initially cost less to install, but at the expense of issues you will face later on such as troublesome flat roof leak repair, leading to no money saved. Cheap roofs offered by lower-priced competitors will also have a short life expectancy even with ongoing maintenance. The best alternative: a reasonably priced high quality flat roof replacement that will last and comes with a warranty.

For free consultation on your flat roofing system, contact us today! Call 416-999-7663 to speak to a live representative.

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Choosing Your Commercial Roofing Contractor  – Part 2


Preparing your Flat Roof for Winter

As summer winds down and the leaves prepare to start falling, now is a good time to have your commercial or industrial flat roof inspected for possible problems. If you haven’t started preparing your flat roof for its battle with winter, now is the time to begin.

By the time the first snowfall hits the ground, our phones will be ringing off the hook with customers calling us because their roof is leaking and water damage is starting to occur on the inside of the building.Why wait until this happens? Problems like this can be avoided with just a simple roof inspection by a licensed flat roof specialist.

Flat Roof Inspections

Getting your flat roof inspected by a licensed professional before the winter begins is as simple as picking up the phone and calling Roof No matter if your commercial or industrial building is located in Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, we can come on site and give your flat roof a thorough inspection for any potential problems. Using thermal imaging technology, we inspect your roof with infrared roof scans to detect subsurface moisture and pinpoint any leaks to its origin. Detecting and repairing and problems that pose threats to your flat roof fixed before winter is not only smart, it helps prevent serious damage, saving you money in future costly repairs.

Roof Leak Investigations

Quite often, when you notice water leaking into your building, the damage has already been done to the underlying structure. Water can take its time and pool up under the damaged areas on the roof, eating away at the structure until it finally breaks free and starts to leak inside. This only leads to costly structural repairs and replacement of insulation and waterproofing membranes.

We often get calls from commercial industrial property owners complaining that water is leaking onto inventory or machinery from the roof overhead. When we arrive to have a look at the problem, we often find the flat roof has either been poorly maintained or installed with low quality workmanship. We also find that the leak has been present for some time, and some of the roof trusses are rotten or the flat roof decking has completely rusted or given way resulting in the need for the total replacement of the roof. Had the property owner invested in a roof maintenance plan, these issues would have been noticed and the problem would have been fixed before it got out of hand. Instead, thousands of dollars are required to repair the structure and replace the entire roof.

Your Final Roofing Solution

Roof | Commercial Industrial Flat Roofing
Roof | Commercial Industrial Flat Roofing

At Roof, when we remediate a flat roof, we always give you the option in upgrading your current roof to a more durable and longer-lasting alternative. The cost of the inspection is relatively minor compared to the total cost of repairs when damage has occurred. Not to mention the savings in your sanity by not having to deal with your insurance company over the damage that may occur when a leak is left too long. Have your roof inspected before the winter rolls in. Schedule an appointment today for free consultation and the highest quality commercial and industrial flat roofing services in the Greater Toronto area.

Why choose Roof

Choosing between roofing contractors for your next roof replacement or repair may be the determining factor which can lead to disappointment and unsatisfactory results. Choosing the right roofing contractor guarantees a well constructed, leak-free flat roof that will serve you well for years to come. After asking these 10 questions, you should have a better idea why choosing Roof is the right choice for your commercial industrial flat roofing project.

1. What warranties do we offer?
Flat roofing contractors should offer two kinds of warranties: a manufacturer’s warranty and a labour warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty is the guarantee that the maker of the roofing materials offers the customer. It states what the replacement requirements are when the roofing materials are inadequate or defective and how long the roofing materials are typically good for. Our labour warranty is what us as your flat roofing contractor offer our client s on all new work performed and completed. It promises that all our work will be done according to code and to the highest professional standards and remain leak-free for the next 7-10 years. We back our work and honour our warranties fully. If you have any questions about our warranties, they can easily be answered by contacting us.

2. Can you take before and after photos to show me the trouble spots on the roof?
Most of the time, it isn’t safe for a building owner to simply jump on the roof and inspect it. Rely on experienced professional to visually inspect your flat roof. Pictures of all troubled areas are taken and included in your written estimate.

3. Ask our previous clients.
When researching roofing contractors, you should ask for references of similar work performed within the past 12 months, of whom you may contact and see the work completed. What you’re looking for is an expectation of what it could be like if you hire us as your flat roofing contractor. Were we easy to get along with? Did we clean up the job site at the end of every day? Were all the past customer’s questions and concerns dealt with?

4. Ask detailed questions about your roofing system.
We are here to educate our clients and help them make an informed decision. If you’re in the market for a torch-on roof, ask us what kind of material the membrane is made from. You can also ask about the flashing we might use, or the kind of qualities the material will offer. The more knowledgeable you are about the flat roof you need, the better prepared you are to judge the answers you will get.

5. Do we offer a regular maintenance program?
After spending all that money on a flat new roof, the last thing that you want to think about is when it will need maintenance. But think of your question this way: you’re asking the roofing contractor if they are planning on being around in a couple of years, 5 years, 10 years or longer. Regular roof maintenance extends the life and value of your investment, and it is smart to get your roof checked out every now and then. All work completed by our flat roof technicians is guaranteed and regular check-ups are included in our commercial industrial “Preventative Maintenance+” plans as our way of standing behind our work – 100%. We look forward to securing long-term relationships with our clientele based off the principles of satisfaction, service and quality workmanship.

6. Are they knowledgeable,experienced and certified roofers?
We have been in the residential and commercial roofing industry for over 15 years and have experienced all types of roofing problems. We have worked with all types of roofing applications. This includes all types of membrane roofing, hot and cold applied BUR roofing systems, standing seam metal roofing, shingles, slate and tile roofing, waterproofing and damp roofing systems. In 2009 we were working around the clock assisting the victims of the Vaughan and Woodbridge tornadoes. All our technicians are trained and certified to complete your roofing project.

7. Does you roofing contractor have proper liability insurance?
Liability insurance covers the homeowner/business owner from any potential legal issues that arise from accidents, damage or other unforeseen problems that arise during the roofing job. You may ask to see a copy of our liability insurance and also call the insurance company to see if it is up to date.

8. What is the roofing company’s safety policy?
Safety is our number one priority. Every job-site is evaluated and a safety plan is devised if anything should happen. All  Roof Maintnance technicians hold Fall Safe Protection training.

9. Do we use superior quality roofing products?
As in all aspects of construction, there are better quality and lesser quality products available for your flat roof. If you don’t know much about the roofing trade, it can be hard to know if the materials we are using are being installed according to product specifications, and if they are top quality roofing products. One option is educating yourself on the roofing products by checking out the manufacturer’s websites or going to suppliers. Ask us why we use the products we do, and how we install them.

10. Can we assess whether you need a roof replacement, recovery or repair?
You may think that you need a new roof but it might be the case that all you need is a patch. Roof is the first roofing company in the Greater Toronto Area to use thermal imaging technology to provide infrared roof scans which spot subsurface moisture on your flat roof. This allows us to accurately and efficiently detect problem areas of the flat roof and locate the source of a leak. No more guessing where the problematic areas are.

Contact Roof today for a free, no obilgation quote.


Hiring a Roofing Contractor?

Replacing your flat roof? Don’t get scammed!

Ensure that you get written quotes for the work to be done on your flat roof, and make sure that they contain everything you ask for. At Roof we provide detailed written reports identifying any and all deficiencies and recommendations. We provide our clients a scope of work, a written estimate which will allow for proper budgeting for implementation of all necessary repairs or entire flat roof replacement.

  • Make sure you understand what you are signing for and what is included.
  • Make sure the invoice, estimate or contract gives the full name of the sales person and the name, address and phone number of the roofing contractor.
  • Ask your contractor to see any safety gear that will be used on the job, and ask if the workers have been trained to work safely.
  • Avoid any contractors who try to offer you a tax-free deal to replace your roof. This can be a sign that a business is not only avoiding tax responsibility, but other important consumer and worker protection responsibilities as well.

What you need to know:

  • Buying a new roof? Consider this…
    Roofing is dangerous work; even a small slip can have serious consequences. So it’s very important to ask about health and safety precautions and certifications before hiring roofing contractors. At Roof, all of our flat roof technicians have obtained Working at Heights, Fall Arrest and Protection Certifications and CPR-C Training.
  • Get it in Writing!
    Having a written contract gives you control over your renovation or construction project, and is a good way to protect yourself and ensure long-term satisfaction. You want assurance you’ll get what you agreed to, on the schedule agreed to, at the price agreed to.
  • Consumer Beware List
    Many municipalities require roofers to be licensed, so a check with City Hall may tell you if your roofer is in good standing. Check this list for information on the company you may select.
  • Consumer Protection Ontario
    Your go-to source for information about consumer rights in Ontario.

What your roofer needs to know

Spring Flat Roof

Preparing your Flat Roof for the Spring

Spring is right around the corner after a cold and brutal winter in the Greater Toronto Area. Soon, the melting snow will try to find its way through the cracks and holes in your flat roof which can lead to flat roof leaks, damaged insulation and damage to the deck of your roof. Frozen ice dams have formed over the winter and have backed up hundreds, if not, thousands of flat roofs across the GTA.

Frozen Flat Roof

Your flat roof membrane, insulation and vapour barrier may have gradually become less effective after years of enduring Canada’s extreme climate and weather patterns. At this time of the season, it is critical to make sure that as the snow begins to melt, the water is carried away from your property and the drains are functioning properly. For personal safety, avoid doing this yourself and have your drains and flat roof inspected by a professional flat roofing contractor.

Flat Roof Ice Dam

You might have experienced a leak to your flat roof before or are currently experiencing  reoccurring leaks to your flat roof. This is a sign that the integrity of your flat roof construction has been compromised. Many contractors will often suggest a full flat roof replacement or extensive flat roof repairs without knowing the true extent of the damage. Seek a professional flat roofing contractor with the knowledge and tools to locate the source of the leak and make repairs to the damaged areas of the roof.

Speak to one of our flat roofing specialists and IR technicians to find out how we can reinforce your flat roof and prevent any future leaks from occurring. Call 416-999-7663 or visit