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Commercial Flat Roof Leak Repairs - Toronto

Commercial Flat Roof Repairs Toronto

Flat roof leak? We offer flat roof repair services to the Greater Toronto Area and provide flat roof repair options for all commercial flat roof types. Contact us today for a free quote.

We provide our customers and clients with economically optimized flat roof solutions for damaged and leaking flat roofs. Our commercial roof repairs are performed by certified contractors with the knowledge and expertise to handle any situation. If you are experiencing a flat roof leak or are concerned about the state of your current flat roof, do not hesitate to call Roof Maintenance.ca for immediate assistance and free consultation.

Save on planning costs. Avoid planning errors.

For larger flat roof repairs many contractors often hire consultants for planning. The appointment of external parties adds additional costs to the project. It should also be noted that not every planner always has sufficient experience with flat roof leaks and may lack the necessary technical and on-site experience to evaluate the situation. At Roof Maintenance.ca, we provide free professional flat roof consultation and in-depth analysis and inspections of the flat roof to determine the remaining service life, problem areas and overall current condition. We look out for the best interest of our clients and their investments. From us you will get all the necessary pre-engineering and planning services relating to the flat roof, as a free service – with the security of more than 15 years of experience in commercial flat roof repairs, replacements and recoveries.

Commercial Flat Roof Repairs Toronto

Economic Flat Roof Repair Solutions through 15 years of Commercial & Industrial Roofing

Flat roof repairs will extend the service life of your roof, save your company finances and prevent damage from spreading to other areas within the roofing structure. It is not uncommon for a roofing contractor to immediately recommend a full flat roof replacement at the site of a flat roof leak due to the larger profit for them, so always get a second opinion and a proper inspection.

Our flat roofing knowledge, experience and expertise ensures cost effectiveness and durability backed with a 7 year leak free warranty. We promise you professional workmanship performed by qualified and experienced tradesmen.

Extend the life of your flat roof

Commercial Flat Roof Repairs Toronto

To repair a flat roof means to restore functionality to the roof, reinforce the flat roof's waterproofing and insulation properties and prevent overall damage to the roof over time. This does not mean immediately tearing off all the layers of the flat roof, especially without analysis of the causes of damage. Some parts of the flat roof can serve as a substrate for the new layers. At Roof Maintenance.ca, we offer a non-destructive method in leak investigation with the use of thermal imaging technology.

The first step to repairing a flat roof is to recognize the state of roof the and identify the cause of any flat roof leaks. Revealing the space under the flat roof does not always show faulty or damaged waterproofing. Flat roof leaks can also stem from errors resulting from building physics or mistakes made ​​in the construction (drains, pipes, etc.) A flat roof can be installed with the highest quality materials, but if poorly constructed - temperature changes, weather and debris will lead to corrosion, damaged insulation, ridging, blistering, alligatoring and other common flat roof problems. Age catches up with all of us! Our commercial and industrial roof maintenance plans can extend the service life of your flat roof and prevent future leaks, saving you money in overall repair and maintenance costs.

The earlier flat roof leak is detected, the sooner flat roof repairs can be performed to eliminate the problem. With highly-accurate techniques and practices used by us, you can be assured that your business and its roof are being protected by the best.

Consider the following benefits of having your flat roof inspected, repaired and maintained:

  • Commercial roof repairs made specifically to damaged areas will prevent damage from spreading to other parts of the roof
  • Quality flat roof repairs will result in the life expectancy of your roof greatly increasing
  • Stay within budget and also have time to start setting aside funds for when a flat roof replacement is required

We repair all types of flat roofing systems!

Click here to learn how Roof Maintenance.ca can be the One Source for All Your Roofing Needs! Roof Maintenance.ca will greatly extend the life of your existing roof. Contact us for your flat roof repair needs in the Greater Toronto Area.

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