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Residential Roof Ventilation

Your roof is as good as it's ventilation system... Improper Ventilation may result in higher energy costs and can cause critical damage to your home in several areas. There is trouble ahead for the poorly ventilated home.

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In the SUMMER, attics of homes with insufficient ventilation could get as hot as 66°C. This extreme heat will radiate through the ceiling to cause extreme discomfort and much higher energy costs for air conditioning.

In the WINTER, poor ventilation results in condensation, as warm air from inside your home mixes with cold air inside your attic. This moisture can actually soak insulation, rendering it useless. Moisture could also cause permanent damage to insulation, roofing, ceilings and framing members.

Poor ventilation can cause many problems that necessitate expensive repair!

  • Damp, ineffective insulation.
  • Curling and damage to roof shingles.
  • Rotting of framing, roof sheathing, and ceilings.
  • Peeling of exterior paint, damage to interior ceilings, and walls.
  • Shingle manufacturers base the warranties on proper ventilation.
  • If venting is not properly installed, most warranties are voided.

Proper ventilation represents a very small investment and provides many worthwhile benefits including, increased comfort, reduced energy costs and fewer damage problems.

Proper residential ventilation is as important as adequate insulation to the general "health" of your home. The proper amount of ventilation area split evenly between the roof area and the under-eave or soffit area provides a constant flow of air through your attic.

Ideally, your attic temperature should approximate the outside temperature to reduce the risk of damage from extreme heat and/or condensation. Adequate insulation in your ceiling provides protection and comfort inside your home from the great temperature variances that will occur in your attic from summer to winter.

At Roof Maintenance .ca we are professionals in ventilation upgrades and installations of Solar power fans, louvered roof vents,kitchen and bathroom vents ,soffit vents and ridge vents. If you want to vent your homes attic, we have the experience and knowledge with today's leading ventilation products. We can install a complete ventilation package for your home.

If you don't have sufficient ventilation to your home, one of our Roof Maintenance.ca experts will be happy to help you.

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