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Commercial Roof Ventilation Systems

Commercial roof ventilation is one of the most misunderstood components in the roofing industry. We respond to roof leaks regularly that are a result of improper roof ventilation. We can see that the previous roofer installed the new roof system and didn't consider the roof ventilation requirements at all.

Worse yet, many roofing companies install brand new ventilation products on typical re-roofs and never consider the roof ventilation.

Poor ventilation can cause many problems that necessitate expensive repair that should have been avoided:

Roof ventilation problems
  • Condensation in the roof membrane.
  • Frost - As the attic cools and warms with the day, frost formed inside the ceiling or roof can melt and drip onto the ceiling.
  • Ice damming - Ice dams can form at the edge of a roof where trapped warm air can melt snow on the roof that then freezes as it cools. As the snow continues to freeze, melt and refreeze it creates a barrier, or dam preventing water from running off the roof. Once dammed, water and ice can creep back up under the roof membrane resulting in leaks.
  • Mold.
  • A very short life span for the ventilator.
  • Higher energy costs.
  • A shorter life expectancy from your roofing system. Not only can excessive heat and moisture ruin roof decking, it can also reduce the life of the membrane and dampen insulation rendering it ineffective.
  • Rust can begin to form on metal components like nails or other critical fasteners. Over time it can rust the heads off of nails or cause plumbing or venting straps to fail.
  • Air conditioner replacement and expenses. As heat builds in the ceiling area, air conditioners must work extra hard to keep the air inside the home cool. This undue stress on the unit can reduce its life and increase energy costs.
  • Curling, tearing of seams and damage to roof membrane.
  • Rotting of framing, roof sheathing, and ceilings.
  • Peeling of exterior paint, damage to interior ceilings, and walls.
  • Many commercial roofing system manufacturers base the warranties on proper ventilation.
  • If venting is not properly installed, most warranties are voided.

Installing ventilation should not be taken lightly and should be undertaken by a roofing professional.

In any commercial building whether it is a warehouse, a production floor, or mall, the roof can get extremely hot in the SUMMER. This heat extreme heat will radiate through the ceiling to cause extreme discomfort and much higher energy costs for air conditioning. In many manufacturing commercial buildings air conditioning is not an option and so production will have to be stopped.

In the Winter, poor ventilation results in condensation, as warm air from inside your building mixes with cold air sitting near your roof. This moisture can actually soak insulation, rendering it useless. Moisture can also cause permanent damage to insulation, roofing, ceilings and framing members.

Proper ventilation represents a very small investment and provides many worthwhile benefits including, increased comfort, reduced energy costs and fewer damage problems.

At Roof Maintenance .ca we are professionals in ventilation upgrades and installations of many many types. If you want to vent your building or are having ventilation issues, we have the experience and knowledge to help. We can install a complete ventilation package for your building or repair and maintain the ones your currently have installed.

If you don't have sufficient ventilation to your building, one of Roof Maintenance.ca experts will be happy to help you.

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