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Residential Roof Products - Ventilation

Static Vents (louvered vents)

static ventStatic vents require no electricity. They are commonly used on roofs, or are used on roofs with limited peaks for a ridge vent, or to replace older louvered vents when re-roofing. Before ridge vents were available, louvered vents were the most common static roof vents.



Turbine Vents

turbine vent

For few years, turbine vents started to make an impression to the GTA consumers and now people are finally taking full advantage of the proper roofing ventilation systems they need!

Their popularity is due to the fact that they do not require any energy to operate. During hot summer months, having couple of whirlybird roof vents can save hundreds of dollars in cooling cost by keeping your attic cooler.



Power Fans

power fan

We suggest power fans where ridge vents can't be installed, such as hip roofs where limited ridge lines can be cut out to allow for proper ventilation.

Power fans are a great resource for getting the heat out but just 1 component in a properly vented roof system.





Humidistat (Power vent accessory)

humidistat ventWith humidistat controls, power attic ventilators monitor heat and humidity levels in summer through winter for year-round attic protection from the damaging effects of moisture and heat buildup.



Ridge Vents

ridge ventRidge vents are one of the most popular and aesthetically pleasing ways to ventilate your home. Ridge ventilation completely and continuously bathes an attic with fresh air. Installed along the length of the ridge line and under ridge cap shingles, a ridge vent system properly ventilates the entire attic. Fresh air enters the attic through soffit vents located beneath the eaves of the roof. The air moves through the attic and exhausts out through the ridge vent.

Ridge vents require no electricity to run, only the natural flow of air. Ridge vents are highly effective in cutting energy costs and prolonging roof life.



Soffit Vents (intake)

soffit ventA balanced system of intake and exhaust airflow through the attic is the best way to create effective, year-round ventilation. In addition to installing ridge vents, which act as exhaust vents, be sure your attic has intake vents in the soffit/eaves. We install aluminum soffit vents in a variety of different sizes and colors.



Bathroom/ Kitchen Exhaust Vents

bathroom ventsOne common mistake made is installing a bathroom fan or kitchen exhaust without this properly ventilating it outdoors.

Many times these components are vented directly into the attic, pumping the attic full of moisture every time you turn on the fan in your bathroom or hood over your stove.

The easiest way to correct this problem is to install ducting from your component to an exhaust vent on the roof. A great time to have this done is when you're having your roof replaced.

Learn how proper ventilation can lower your energy costs.

If you feel you don't have sufficient ventilation to your home, one of our Roof Maintenance.ca experts will be happy to help you.

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