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Modified Bitumen Roofing - Flat Roof Replacement

What is Modified Bitumen Roofing

modified bitumenModified Bitumen (MB) is asphalt that has had modifiers added to it to give it plastic or rubber-like properties. Installed in layers which are either torch welded or adhered using factory applied adhesive Modified Bitumen can be a cost-effective alternative. The longevity and warranty received on the product is dependent on the maintenance, quality of and number of layers installed.

Engineered modified bitumen originated in Europe in the mid 1960's and has become a standard commercial roof application and has been being successfully used in Canada since approximately 1975.

There are numerous surfacing options for this system which include a factory applied mineral surface, gravel surface, including “cool roof” coatings which are highly-reflective to save on building cooling costs. Mineral-surfaced roofing products are typically furnished with white granules, but are also available in designer colors to match asphalt shingles or to otherwise compliment the overall building design.

The latest innovation to modified bitumen is the self-adhering sheet. Using special combinations of polymers to modify the underside of the sheet, the rolls are manufactured with a release paper. When we remove the release paper and the sheet is rolled out, the sheet adheres itself to the substrate. This method eliminates the risks associated with the use of torches, hot asphalt, and is completely free of VOC (volatile organic chemicals) fumes during and after roof application.

Modified Bitumen Roof Replacement & Recovery

Modified Bitumen Flat Roof ReplacementA special detail in modified bitumen roofing is that it permits the re-use of the insulation and other components including the waterproofing membrane themselves. The materials beneath the roofing membrane including the insulation and cover board as well as the quality of the methods employed in installing them are determining factors on how long the roof can last and how much of the material can be reused for a flat roof recovery or flat roof replacement.

Modified bitumen material even comes in rolls for ease of application and of course this means they are factory manufactured and must meet certain standards due to quality control.

Keep in mind that our services come with a full warranty and we can easily put together a comprehensive roof maintenance plan for your roof. Contact Roof Maintenace.ca for more details.

Pros and Cons of Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

Modified Bitumen Industrial Re-Roof


  • Proven roofing technology - have been used successfully installed on roofs since 1975.
  • A roof membrane that combines the multi-layer benefits of a built-up roof.
  • Can be torched, mopped, or cold applied, depending on the limitations of the project.
  • Excellent material for repairing existing bituminous roofs.


  • A minimum of two plies-base and cap sheet should be used for modified bitumen (increases labor costs).
  • of laps seams at the sides and the ends of the sheets.
  • Proper asphalt temperature during application and skilled torching techniques are critical to modified bitumen performance.
  • Most cases a hot kettle is needed- can be very messy and has a bad odor.
  • Effectiveness is limited in recover situations where latent moisture in the original roof system generally exists.
  • Cost of petroleum and the difficulty of finding skilled laborers willing to work with hot asphalt are major factors.

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We value our clients and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We provide a 7 year leak free warranty (*on new work only). Stop waiting and contact us today to request a modified bitumen roof replacement cost quote.

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