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Residential Roof Types - Metal Roofs

If you are considering a metal roof, you need to learn a few things about it before making a final decision. Metal roofing is an excellent choice in many situations. The many choices of style, shape and color just might surprise you with their very modern look, they can be produced in individual shingles, large sheets, or even panels that are made to appear as a clay tile, stone tile, wood, slate, or asphalt shingles.

Even those who are interested in saving the environment prefer metal roofing because it can be recycled and can last for a relatively long time, around 50 to 75 years. If you are familiar with the range of choices it is much easier to select the one that is just right for your home. Each of these types will create a slight different look and feel, with sheet metal and sheets of shingles being the quickest and easiest to install. Other big advantages of metal roofs are that they do not rot, they don't attract insects, and they are extremely unlikely to develop mold, moss, or mildew.

Just as important as the metal roofing itself is the underlayment for the roof. Many metal roofing systems can be installed over the top of existing shingles, while others work best when the roof is stripped down and fresh surface is created. Whenever possible, opt for a smooth surface that includes sound proofing and insulating qualities. This will increase the life of your roof, make your home more energy efficient, and cut down significantly on the noise created by rain or hail falling on the roof. Metal roofs are gaining in popularity across the Toronto Area they are becoming an excellent choice for many homeowners.

Roof Maintenance.ca specializes in all types of installations of aluminum and metal roofing systems. We will help you understanding how you will benefit from installing a metal roof and will enjoy it's beauty for years to come.

We offer materials and labour lifetime warranties on most of our metal products.

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