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Roof Maintenance.ca is your one source for all your commercial flat roofing needs. We are an experienced flat roofing contractor that provide quality flat roofing services to the Greater Toronto Area. We have performed hundreds of leak-free flat roof repairs, replacements and recoveries in and across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We are highly dedicated to providing our clients with only the best flat roofing services available to the city of Toronto.

Toronto has a number of major corporations based in the city such as the Hudson's Bay Company, TD Canada Trust, Four Seasons Hotels as well as many small store owners that rely on day to day business. Justifying the expense of a flat roof replacementIt is difficult for property owners, especially when those expenses could go toward buying new systems and equipment that would benefit the company. But flat roof leaks are serious problems that are often not accounted for. Consider these examples:

  • Interior damage - Flat roof leaks that damage the interior (ceiling tiles, carpet, furniture), inventory, computers and machinery are common, but the damage can be much more severe. For example, an institutional building, theatre or athletic facility may have to cancel or move events and replace the floor, at a cost of $500,000 or greater.
  • Operations downtime - A flat roof leak a building owner could cost a company thousands in revenue just for needing to shut down for a single a day.
  • Damaged products - Retail stores could lose thousands of dollars worth of products due to one flat roof leak.
  • Lost business - Flat roof leaks on the top floor of a hotel, the priciest rooms in the building, could causing significant lost revenue if it would need to be shut down for repair or replacement.

This is why we offer our commercial and industrial flat roofing services to the Greater Toronto Area. We strive to provide the highest quality flat roofing services available in order to help companies across the entire city protect their investments.

What does Roof Maintenance.ca bring to your roof that other contractors dismiss?

  • We set our standards of quality workmanship, value and customer service to the highest degree.
  • 24/7, 365 days a year emergency commercial flat roof repair service.
  • Free consultation and planning
  • Documentation - We provide accurate records and quotations allowing for future planning and optimum resource allocation.
  • Thermographic Infrared Technology ensures resources are going exactly where they need to.

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What types of flat roofs can we service?

With today's technology and materials, almost any type of commercial flat roofing problem can be solved with our proven and simple solutions. We ensure long-term use without the need of frequent roof repairs. We specialize in these specific roof types:

Perhaps you are not certain of the type of commercial roof you have? Give us a call, we can tell you!

We value our clients and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We provide a 7 year leak free warranty on new commercial flat roof repairs, flat roof replacements and installations. If you are located in Toronto and would like a free quotation call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified flat roof technicians.

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