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What types of commercial flat roof replacements or re-roofs do we offer?

Roof Maintenance.ca has experience with a wide variety of flat roof types. We specialize in BUR (tar and gravel), Modified Bitumen (asphalt with modifiers) and PVC (rubber-like plastic). If you are not certain of the type of commercial roof you have, we can tell you!

A re-roof or flat roof recovery requires replacing the flat roofing membrane. We remove the ballast (which could be gravel, river washed stone, or concrete wash) and waterproof the membrane, add a layer, and replace the ballast. A re-roof/flat roof recovery, if viable, is an excellent flat roofing solution that extending the service life of your flat roof.

There comes a time when a flat roof recovery is no longer an option and a full flat roof replacement is needed. For many property managers and business owners, investing in a new flat roof is generally a last resort. When considering the benfits of a new flat roofing system, the decision to replace a flat roof is made a lot easier. Easier upkeep, no-more flat roof leaks and a new warranty all come with flat roofing systems installed by us.

Inexpensive and low quality flat roofs that are installed by inexperienced contractors will initially cost your company less to install but additional costs from issues due to workmanship will add up, leading to little or no money saved. A cheap roof will also have a short life expectancy even with ongoing maintenance and to have a roof that will only last 10 years is not acceptable or cost effective. The best alternative: a reasonably priced high quality flat roof replacement that will last and comes with a warranty.

A complete tear-off and flat roof replacement of an existing flat roofing system is warranted if one or more of the following situations exist:

  • Tear-off is mandatory in respect to the building code.
  • The existing flat roofing system is far too deteriorated to be used as an underlayer for recovery or re-roofing system.
  • Extensive moisture within the insulation and below the flat roofing membrane.
  • There is significant corrosion and/or deterioration to the underlying flat roof deck.

If you are unsure about the state of your roof, ask a few simple straightforward questions:

Mississauga Industrial Roof Replacement
  • Is your flat roof having regular leaks?
  • Is your flat roof leaking after every rain or snow?
  • Are the costs of flat roof repairs rising?
  • Is customer or staff safety becoming a concern?
  • Would you like to increase the value of your company property?

Even if you are asking these questions due to the state of your roof, it does not mean your roof is on its last legs. An infrared scan completed by us can determine the extent of your flat roof damage and tell you for certain if a flat roof replacement is your only option.

Consider the advantages of a re-roof or flat roof replacement before you choose wait out another season or worse, disregard the problem in the hope of it going away. The main issue is that once issues begin showing up in a flat roof, it can be difficult to keep everything in tip top running condition especially if you do not have a maintenance program implemented.

A preventative maintenance plan can be included for a new flat roof or re-roof we install. On a fixed schedule and as needed we would use infrared technology to scan and check the roof for damage, leaks, or soft spots to ensure the lifespan of the roof is at its maximum.

Your commercial roof protects not only people but equipment, machinery, inventory, etc. so when choosing a commercial roof contractor, choose RoofMaintenance.ca

We value our clients and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We provide a 7 year leak free, product and labor warranty. Stop waiting and contact us today!

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