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What does Roof Maintenance.ca bring to your roof that other contractors dismiss?

  • We set our standards of quality workmanship, value and customer service to the highest degree.
  • 24/7, 365 days a year emergency commercial roof repair service.
  • Free consultation and planning
  • Documentation - We provide accurate records allowing for future planning and optimum resource allocation.
  • Thermographic Infrared Technology ensures resources are going exactly where they need to.

Why choose a flat roof repair over a flat roof replacement?

  • You can extend the life of your current commercial roof
  • Prevent damage to other parts in the building
  • Save company money if your commercial roof can last longer
  • Regular commercial roof repairs and maintenance can provide advanced warning about potential problems
  • Stay within your budget, have your roof repaired at scheduled times as long as your roof allows
  • Minimal disruption to business operation

Why is commercial roof maintenance needed on a regular basis?

  • Detect and repair new or existing leaking or damaged areas of the flat roofs
  • Check for any damage created by other trades that may have been on your commercial roof
  • To remove any debris left on the roof
  • Repair roof penetrations that require caulk and sealing
  • Repair any hail, storm or snow damage
  • Emergency blow-offs
  • Follow up after the installation of new rooftop equipment.

What types of roof repair can we do?

With today's technology and materials, almost any type of commercial flat roofing problem can be solved with our proven and simple solutions. We ensure long-term use without the need of frequent roof repairs. We specialize in these specific roof types:

If you are unsure about the state of your roof, ask a few simple straightforward questions:

  • Is your flat roof having regular leaks?
  • Does your roof leak after every rainfall/snowfall?
  • Are the costs of flat roof replacement and repairs rising?
  • Is customer or staff safety becoming a concern?
  • Would you like to increase the value of your company property?

Consider the advantages of a flat roof replacement before you choose to wait for another wet season, or worse, disregard the problem in the hopes it disappearing.

We value our clients and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We provide 7 year leak free, product and labor warranty on our commercial flat roof repairs and installations. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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