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Roof Repair Toronto Mississauga

On every roof there are extremely sensitive places prone to roof leaks. Water can penetrate even the smallest gaps, and thus expose any errors committed by your previous roofing crew. Common errors include:

  • Installing on decks too low sloped. Although the majority of residential roofs are steep, it is very common to find areas with little or no inclination. If the roof has no slope, a contractor needs to create one. If the roof has a low slope, make sure you use the correct materials to prevent major water infiltrations. When shingles are not an option, understand how to use low-slope materials, such as SBS cold application, TPO, etc.
  • No drip edge. The lack or incorrect installation of this component can cause serious problems, including premature damage to the deck and fascia, general roof aesthetic issues, an opening for animals and/or insects to enter the attic, and more. Make sure you cover the perimeter with a metal drip edge.
  • Starter problems The absence or incorrect installation of the starter can bring about many aesthetic problems in the eaves and rakes, allowing for water infiltration in each shingle close to the eave. It's very important to understand and use the correct starter for each shingle.
  • No leak barrier. The installation of the leak barrier is necessary since it provides extra protection in vulnerable areas or places with perforations due to nails or fasteners. The parts of the roof in which we recommend the installation of leak barriers are valleys, vertical walls, accessories, eaves, chimneys, and skylights, but it could vary depending on the region of the country in which you live.
  • Nailing problems. When an installer does not know the amount of fasteners needed per shingle or their placement on the shingle, it can cause catastrophic problems. We find mistakes in the form of exposed nails (AKA shiners) and underdriven, overdriven, and high nails.

It often happens that home owners realize a leak only when the water starts to drip on their heads. Our team of experienced roofing contractors are vigilant and pay attention to signals of roof leaks providing preventative maintenance and roof repairs that eliminate any further damage caused by the leak.

In order to accurately locate the source of a roof leak, we use thermal imaging technology combined with extensive roofing knowledge, allowing us make roof repairs specifically to damaged areas of the roof.

The key is careful inspection and evaluation of the existing roof. Sometimes the cost of repairing the roof may be higher than its replacement with a new one.

Hardworking and Highly Skilled Staff

Roof Repair Toronto Mississauga

Our teams of certified roofing contractors are some of the best and most experienced in the business. With service that is available 24/7 we are the best there is for roof repairs and maintenance. Go with a company with the experience that has completed thousands of leak free roof repairs in and around Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York and across the GTA.

We are the professional roofing contractors that are capable of of handling any roofing project you may have. Whether it is roof leak repair, roof maintenance, remodel changes, venting installation or wanting to add skylights, we are the ones you need to call.

We are proud of our employees, who are not only honest and hardworking but are also highly knowledgeable in all types of roofing systems. Therefore, they get the job done right the first time.

Also, remember, we can immediately address your roofing emergencies and save your property from further damage, we are available 24/7.

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